From the Archives: Thanksgiving Memories

For all you Arkansas Project history buffs out there, a rare photo from the archives: Arkansas Project founder and publisher David “Dapper Dave” Kinkade proffering his traditional pardon of the Thanksgiving turkey at the original Arkansas Project World Headquarters, November 24, 1949.

Witnesses to the event included popular Arkansas Project regular Democratic Rally Wiener Dog (front, center) and a dour looking bald guy (far right) who Kinkade always forced to hold the turkey, just to remind Mr. Harvard Law School Graduate who was boss.

Later that day, in a drunken fit of magnanimity, Kinkade also pardoned some yams with marshmallow topping and a plate of corn muffins. Sadly, there were limits to his sense of mercy, and he declined to pardon his younger brother John, who knows damn well what he did, and two pecan pies.

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3 thoughts on “From the Archives: Thanksgiving Memories

  • DumbArkie

    Happy Thanksgiving! Pass me a leg.

  • Fourche River Rex

    It sort of looks like the bald dude is going to put the turkey on the back of the dog…so as to allow the turkey to ride the dog around like a little horse. That would be such a cute sight! A turkey riding a dachshund. Who doesn’t love turkeys and dachshunds? So a turkey riding a dachshunds would be irresistable!

    Ride free, majestic bird. Mount your mighty steed and ride off over the horizon, as free and wild as the wind! Prance on magnificant dachshund! Carry your rider into legend with mighty and heroic deeds!

    Three cheers for the turkey riding the dachshund! Horray! Horray! Horray!

  • APYB (Arkansas Project Younger Brother)

    Reminding people that you didn’t pardon me while I’m staying at Arkansas Project Older Sister’s House, where I don’t have wireless? Does your coldheartedness know no limits?


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