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Suspect Nabbed in Pressly Murder

Curtis Lavelle Vance, 28, of Marianna, Ark., was arrested last night for the murder of Ann Pressly, the Little Rock television news reporter/anchor who was found beaten in her home last month and who died several days later. More from FOX 16:

More from the AP’s Tom Parsons and from Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times.

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2 thoughts on “Suspect Nabbed in Pressly Murder

  • Rick Curry

    If I hear another black guy talk about how “black on black” crime is so bad, I am going to ask him if black on white crime is just as bad in their humble opinion…..Ive always wondered why they seem to want to emphjasize “black on black ” crime??? is not the Pressley murder just as concerning to them?????

  • Angela Murtagh

    As an African-American, I feel that all crimes are terrible. Many African-Americans feel the same. I do not think this country will every progress as long as we look at people by skin-color or try to lump all people together based on race. I try to view everyone as an individual. My community is concern about Black-on-Black crimes because it is a serious problem but it does not take away the fact that all senseless crimes are terrible. We have to face the fact that America is a violent society. Those who commit violent crimes are color-blinded. When I heard about Ms. Pressly’s death my heart went out to her family.


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