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Former Centerton Mayor Faces Forgery Charge

Ken Williams, former mayor of Centerton
Williams: "I was brainwashed, I tells ya!"

Remember that kooky story that broke last year about then-Centerton Mayor Ken Williams? Turns out his real name was Don LaRose and “Ken Williams” was an assumed identity he’d been living under for some 20 years after, as he tells it, having been abducted in Maine, N.Y., and brainwashed.

He then ended up living in Indiana and starting a family there, before disappearing again and ending up in Arkansas working in radio, then getting elected mayor of Centerton…until his dark secret was revealed by intrepid reporters from the Benton County Daily Record. (And really, you should read the entire saga, compiled here by former BCDR reporter Jennifer Turner. This synopsis doesn’t do the story justice).

Oh, and he’s now facing second-degree forgery charges in Benton County, according to this report from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Michelle Bradford.

I can only assume that a Lifetime movie about this tale is forthcoming.

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One thought on “Former Centerton Mayor Faces Forgery Charge

  • This story is so bizarre, it will end up being on 48 Hours or Dateline.


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