Arkansas Project Friday Odds and Ends

Just a couple of notes on things to see us out of this week and into the weekend:

Dobbins: Why so serious?
Dobbins: Why so serious?

Item: The big news out of the Arkansas legislature this week was that the House of Representatives voted to adopt a new rule that will, in effect, bar handsy plea bargaining sex offender Dwayne Dobbins from serving in the House again. Legislators were patting themselves on the back, but I, for one, am disappointed, since I was really looking forward to seeing the production crew from NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” camped out in the Capitol Rotunda.

Item: Should have pointed this out earlier, but columnist David Sanders has a nice reflection on meeting Robert Novak, the conservative Washington D.C. journalist and TV personality who announced his retirement this week after being diagnosed with cancer.

Item: From here, it’s looking like University of Central Arkansas President Lu Hardin—who accepted a $300,000 hush-hush secret bonus and produced a forged memo to the Board of Trustees to justify it—is probably going to skate on the whole thing and will most likely keep his job. If you’re sitting at the office reading this, keep in mind that you would get fired for much, much less than what Hardin did. Just sayin’.

More this weekend as the urge strikes. You’re dismissed.

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