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Brummett to Guest on KATV Daily Debrief

Brummett surrenders?
Brummett vs. Fisher: A capitulation?

It’s true: Arkansas News Bureau columnist and technology critic John Brummett will be the exclusive guest on KATV’s “Choose Your News” Daily Debrief with Kristin Fisher on Tuesday—a forum he had previously and publicly scorned—prior to their friendly debate at the Society of Professional Journalists meeting that evening.

If you’re just arriving at this story, scroll down to learn more. No, wait…Actually, don’t do that. Just don’t get involved. It’s complicated.

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2 thoughts on “Brummett to Guest on KATV Daily Debrief

  • Not to keep piling on, but I had another thought this morning while reading Wally Hall’s column in todays paper.

    He mentioned Jetgate, re: Auburn, Tuberville, Petrino etc. The kicker there was something along the lines of “everything was rumor and was denied by the school until a fan tracked the wing # on the plane that flew to Kentucky.”

    So, to continue on with this theme of interactivity, new vs. old, et. al., it hit me like a cannonball ( that the old media failed us. It was a FAN…an ordinary citizen who took it upon themselves to use his lack of journalistic training and figure out that the Athletic Dept was fibbing.

    So it begs the question, no? Why didnt the “trained news hounds” figure this out?

  • DumbArkie

    I remember during the Gulf War of 1991, we would see live press conferences by General Norman Schwarzkopf et alia explaining to us how Desert Shield and Desert Storm were progressing. We could see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears the words coming from their mouths. There was absolutely no filter. It was as if they were speaking to us, the American people, directly. And they were.

    Then, minutes later and lasting until the next press conference, the media would explain to us simpletons what we had just seen for ourselves come directly from the mouths of our military and diplomatic leadership. Except, it was through the filtered lens of CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Sometimes their explanation would be anywhere from subtly different to polar opposite of what I had seen and heard in the live press conference. (Picture me screaming at my TV “That’s not what he said!!!”

    Seventeen years later the media are now discovering that technology is taking their place as the instruments through which news is disseminated. Much like corporations of the ‘90s, news is going from a top down model to a much flatter one. When Mr. Brummett says that we can’t choose the news, the news chooses us, he leaves out the fact that he wants to be the one who filters that news before it gets to us. He’ll decide for us how much will get to find out about a story and for how long a story will last. I’m afraid that Mr. Brummett has a buggy whip mentality when it comes to the news industry.

    I’m sure that the managers of buggy whip factories went down exalting the worthiness and craftsmanship of their product. What they should have been doing is retooling their factories to meet the new demands that technological advancement was bringing. So if Mr. Brummett and other old schoolers are not open to changing with the times, 100 years from now the NEW old saying will be the “old newspaperman mentality” to describe an industry unwilling to change its ways.


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