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Fisher vs. Brummett: The Next Round

John Brummett vs. Kristin Fisher: It's on
John Brummett vs. Kristin Fisher: It's on.

As I noted in a post last night, KATV’s “Choose Your News” whiz kid Kristin Fisher and Arkansas News Bureau veteran John Brummett had agreed to a friendly debate on new media and its role in news-gathering and reporting. It’s to be hosted by the good folks at the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, who continue to be nice to me despite my complete lack of journalistic ability, professionalism and sociability.

Just got word of the official time and place for The Big Event: It’s at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9, at the Arkansas Press Association Building in Little Rock (411 S. Victory St).

I’ll note that Ted Dancin’ at the Fayetteville Flyer weighs in on the dispute today, worth reading in its entirety, but here’s a taste:

KATV’s ‘experiment’ isn’t all that innovative in terms of being the first up to bat, but it gets serious props from us here at the Flyer for at least doing something to try and engage its audience and bring some relevance back to local news. It might not be the perfect way to engage a community around a new business model but it certainly doesn’t deserve to be blasted.

And seriously, I now hope to give this issue a rest for a few days.

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7 thoughts on “Fisher vs. Brummett: The Next Round

  • David Kinkade

    Oops, it’s 7 p.m. Thanks for catching my slip — item is updated.

  • Please don’t give it a rest David, this is a story that deserves coverage. Maybe not the details of a spat between two news personalities, but in the context of the wider issue of the new media coming on, and figures from the old media attempting to push-back with hollow claims of moral superiority. With your RSS feed you already know that this is the angle I am focused on over at The Watch.

  • Well. You almost had to expect todays article from Brummett. Couple of comments from an anonymous blogger:

    The world is changing. Interactivity is changing. Where at one time, yes, being at a bar afterhours was the place to meet folks, hear interesting tidbits of gossip and be able to put the pieces together, that is no longer the case.

    It’s pretty amazing and interesting what you can put together after reading the comments, or status updates, or tweets from a group of people that you see online. People have developed an entire other facet of life online, and I have little doubt that this trend will do nothing but continue for the coming generations.

    While social networking lets you see that your ex girlfriend or boyfriend ended up marrying a loser, and there is some satisfiction in knowing that, it also shows who knows who..and sometimes even how. It might take several beers and maybe even a Jager-bomb to get that figured out at the bar.

    Back to the news. The 24 hour news cycle was a big change for the world. As was the internet. With the advent of “smart phones” i.e. Bberry, iPhone, etc., we are now constantly plugged in. Good? I dont know. Reality? yes.

    John, ask around of this generation. See how many of them (us) still use a traditional alarm clock next to their bed. Be it one with a radio, or the fancy Bose, system or whatever. It may still be there, but it’s gathering dust. The answer will be no. They use their internet live cellphones. Its another facet of their life.

    And still on interactivity, let me add this. Your column is distributed via internet to papers around the state and country. It is read by a whole bunch of people who will likely never attend a civic club, chamber of commerce, or trade group convention to which you speak. Yet, like you or loathe you, they still read you. You do get to interact with folks at those meeting places, yet you are still only getting a certian slice of the population pie. The internet, and all that comes with it, is an equalizer of sorts. It can give a voice, albeit anonymous if so chosen, to those who will never likely be heard in another forum–for whatever reason.

    They are still your readers, John.

    So whether or not its Bill from Sheridan, or DBI, or Tolbert, or Jazzy, there are people behind the name. Anonymous, maybe, but still theres someone out there.

    And they now have a voice.

  • Kristin just twittered (is that a word) that she is having lunch with Brummett. I wish I could be a fly on that wall!

  • Shane

    Hey guys FOX16 has been doing this for two years, they have let fans choose a football game they cover.


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