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Brummett on Palin: A Story of Obsession

Oh, boy, now I can add "ridiculously crude and amateurish Photoshop skills" to my resume!

In his Saturday column, the prolific John Brummett of the Arkansas News Bureau writes, “I come to you today as apparently the only person in the country not all worked up one way or the other about Sarah Palin.”

Yet, Brummett’s published output in the last five weeks suggests otherwise, as he’s written fully eight columns focusing on the Alaska governor and her impact on the presidential race:

Brummett on Palin, Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle, Aug. 30

Brummett on “Vetting Palin,” Sept. 6

Brummett on Palin and Peggy Noonan, Sept. 8

Brummett on Palin and Barack Obama, Sept. 11

Brummett on “lipstick on a pig,” Sept. 14

Brummett’s “Bubba” persona on Palin, Sept. 20

Brummett on Reagan and Palin, Sept. 30

Brummett asks “What’s the big deal?” about Palin, Oct. 4

Seriously, if Brummett keeps up like this, Palin will be justified in asking a judge for a restraining order.

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2 thoughts on “Brummett on Palin: A Story of Obsession

  • Thanks for ruining that picture by putting Mr. Potato Head on it.

    I come to your site for pictures Of Elizabeth Hesselbeck and pictures of Sarah Palin and I’m greeted with that?

    Not cool.

    I’m going to have nightmares.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Ye gods! That photo is more disturbing than a Pablo Neruda reading in Greenwich Village.


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