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Arkansas Project Weekend Political Round-Up

Rounding up a few things from over the weekend on Arkansas legislative races and other political news:

Clinton in Little Rock

If you weren’t paying attention last week or were otherwise living in a cave, Hillary Clinton hit Little Rock on Friday to rally support for Barack Obama for president (you can read the Arkansas Project’s pitiable attempt at covering the event here). Steve Harrelson at the Under the Dome blog adds that HRC scored a smooth $300K for Obama’s campaign at a Little Rock fundraiser Friday night.

House District 85: Burris vs. Witty

In District 85, Republican John Burris and Democrat Bill Witty are fighting for the House seat being vacated by Republican James Norton. Witty is making an issue of Burris’s age (he’s 23); it’s a first run at office for both of the Harrison residents. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has a nice summary of the race here.  (Disclosure: I made a small financial contribution to Burris in the summer.)

House District 67: Breedlove vs. Van Gorder

Last week, The Arkansas Project took a look at the race between Rep. Steve Breedlove (D) and challenger John Van Gorder (R) in District 67. The two sides were battling it out over gay adoption, with Van Gorder suggesting that Breedlove ducked out on a chance to vote to ban the practice. At the Tolbert Report, blogger Jason Tolbert is still on the case, trying to parse Breedlove’s position and determine who has the upper ground here. Check it out.

Speaking of Breedlove and Van Gorder, a Van Gorder supporter sends along two ads that are preparing to launch in the Fort Smith media market. (If there are Breedlove ads up on the air and you’ve got ’em on YouTube, send them this way and we’ll post them here.) Here are the Van Gorder ads:

On Tuesday, we’ll launch our next installment of the Arkansas Project Debate Squad with a look at the District 30 Senate race between Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker and Democrat Joe White. Stay tuned.

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