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Don’t expect much in the way of blogging until later today, as other pressing responsibilities beckon. Do feel free to spend some time browsing through the merchandise below, or go visit some of the other fine Arkansas blogs in the blogroll at bottom right.

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5 thoughts on “A Pause

  • Fourche River Rex

    Of all days for you to take a leave, why today? Don’t you know we need you? Today Jessica Dean is in Perry County, snooping around for stories. Supposedly the vote ended up being for a story on the Heifer Ranch.

    Someone needs to call this for the farce it is. The Heifer Ranch? The only reason people picked that story is because they weren’t given the options of real Perry County Stories.

    For instance, would the people of Arkansas not love to hear abut Tracy Bull and his encounter with the Skunk Ape of Pleasant Grove?

    Or how about the story of how one of the Lankford boys was declared the town drunk by the municipal judge?

    And speaking of drunk, how about a story on the legendary Bo Jack who responded “Only if I can draw the Mother F**ker,” when asked if he could walk the line by a policeman.

    Or you can go the opposite route and talk about things that are holy. Like the story of the young man that went to a snake handling church that couldn’t find a snake so they passed around a hot light bulb, claiming that if you had enough faith you wouldn’t be burned.

    Or tell the story of the fellow who went to sleep during a revival meeting back during the depression. He started snoring and his wife gigged him in the side to wake him up. When she gigged him, he farted real loud. A justice of the peace was sitting a row in front of him and heard him fart. So he pulled him up, took him out side and fined him 30 dollars for disturbing the peace. After the revival meeting, a friend asked what happened and the man told him he was fined 30 dollars. “30 dollars!” the friend exclaimed. “If you would have shit, they’d a hung ye!”

    Perry County is rife with stories that are waiting to be told. From Dog Henry Holler, to Fourche Ends, the stories just need someone to tell them. The Heifer Ranch is overdone. I’m sorry Jessica Dean, give us a real Perry County story.

  • Mark Smith

    Yes!! Seth “Dog” Henry is a good story to research.

  • David Kinkade

    I like it. I’m gonna bounce these ideas off the brass at KATV — I’m thinking we can talk Randy Dixon into running a one hour special on “The Dark Underside of Perry County,” with Jessica hosting. Wait, one hour special? Oh, hell, let’s just make it a weekly series….

  • Fourche River Rex

    The “Dark Underside?” What’s dark about any of that? That’s just daily life.

  • I vote for Tracy Bull’s skunk ape story. I’m an old friend of Tracy’s and I haven’t heard that one yet!!! I don’t have an email for him now and would love to write the story up on my blog – have him contact me if you can reach him. Thanks!


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