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Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 22

The Duke: Wouldn’t you love to be failed Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, who has been sentenced to wander the countryside recounting over and over again his greatest failure, which occurred over two decades ago, for the rest of his days? (Arkansas News Bureau)

The Best: The Arkansas Times launches it’s annual “Best Of Arkansas” rankings, where you vote for your favorite things around the state in a variety of categories. They’ve included a category for “Best Blog,” so you know that means, readers: Go vote for “Brummett’s Blog.” Don’t delay! (Arkansas Times)

Do Not Adjust Your Set: Yep, that’s blogger Jason Tolbert, talking state politics on your TV box with Roby Brock on Sunday. (The Tolbert Report)

The End?: Speaking of Roby Brock, he notes on his political blog that if the state GOP doesn’t field a candidate for governor to challenge Mighty Mike Beebe in 2010, the party will more or less just fold in upon itself and cease to exist, possibly pulling the entire state down with it. Or something like that, it’s just gonna be grim. (The Political Buzz)

Purty Pitchers: Blogger Blake Rutherford launches a new “View from My State” series in which he solicits photo submissions from around the state for publication on his blog. My entry is below. Oooh, I hope he runs it! (Blake’s Think Tank)

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One thought on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 22

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Seriously, why would anyone listen to Michael Dukakis? He has as much credibility as Jim Holt’s wife.

    Dukakis actually thinks that Obama could have won here in Arkansas. John McCain finished 5% behind where George W. finished nationwide in 2004 but he finished 10% ahead of Bush in Arkansas. Does that tell you something about Arkansas that Dukakis doesn’t know? It tells me something…


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