“A Fairytale Come True”!

The Barbers: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!
The Barbers in happier times: "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

By now, you’ve no doubt read of the rather spectacular bankruptcy declaration of Brandon Barber, the Northwest Arkansas real estate development wunderkind who was a whole lot less wunder-ful than it may have once seemed. I’m assuming you’ve read of it, because at least three of you have e-mailed me this afternoon pointing me to the story about the bankruptcy in Arkansas Business.

I’m presuming that those e-mails are not being circulated as expressions of sympathy for Brandon Barber.

But rather than dwell on the negative, let’s look back to the halcyon days of December 2005, when Barber and his lovely wife Keri were the targets of this long wet kiss of a profile in Citiscapes Metro Monthly, a Northwest Arkansas magazine. Read this and you will discover fascinating facts about the Barbers, such as:

Brandon and Keri “are not the stereotypical developers,” and “their amazing story reads like a fairytale come true”!

“Keri, with her charm and beauty, certainly doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to business”!

“Brandon seldom stresses over business. He loves what he does and he’s always able to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow”! (His lenders are probably reading that passage ruefully today)

“Brandon loves almonds. Keri said she snacks on peanut butter crackers from the convenience store”!

The story concludes with this nugget from the interviewer:

After spending time with the Barbers, there’s not a doubt in my mind that 20 years from now we’ll look around and see the mark that Keri and Brandon have left on Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas. Today’s new subdivisions will then be filled with mature-landscaped homes, the commercial buildings will have taken on a familiarity and become landmarks, the upscale condos will be populated and somewhere a 30-year-old entrepreneur will give credit to the talented and forward-thinking Mr. and Mrs. Barber.

Ah, what a difference three years make. It almost reads like the plot of a Tom Wolfe novel, doesn’t it? But seriously, I really hope those kids make it….

Oh, one other thing: When I’m not working on this ridiculous blog, I actually make my living as a freelance writer, a career path that requires a certain degree of flexibility and occasional compromise if one likes to eat regularly. That said, if you ever catch me writing a craven puff piece like this profile, please do me a favor and shoot me in the freakin’ head.

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8 thoughts on ““A Fairytale Come True”!

  • You should have used his arrest photo. It is great. He’s got a black eye and he’s obviously very drunk.

    I wonder how many honest people lost money with that con-artist.

  • Elizabeth

    Peanut butter crackers?!? Well, why didn’t this make state-wide news?

  • Nig-Nog

    I’m thankful that so much subprime lending was done in the name of helping my ilk and me.

    Gotcha, bitch!

  • AKA Bryce

    “if one likes to eat regularly”……..at Loca Luna.

  • Why are all of you picking on me? Seriously, I’ve made my share of mistakes, but I’ll be back and making more money than any of you can imagine. I’m Brandon Barber. I’m not some little poor broke ass bitch like my Ben Israel. I’m the Guns of the Navarone. You can mock me know, But you’ll be kissin’ my ass without flexin’ a muscle soon.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the laugh of the day “Barber!”

  • But no one seems to want to discuss daddy’s money and the whole Chambers bank connection. Any reporters out there got the balls to ask how much Arkansas State money is tied up in Chambers Bank? My understanding is that they are pretty “close” to the Treasurer’s office.

  • pamela cross

    I know Keri personally and can honestly say, in the beginning of their marriage, she was totally crazy in love with Brandon. When they lived in a small modest 1200 sf home they were the epitome of what “I” wanted in a marriage, but somehow never found. She never cared in the least that he was a “blue collar boy from Jonesboro.” She is the one who never cared about material possessions, it was Brandon, that always felt the need to prove himself at all costs. The big house, was all Brandon’s dream, not hers, (she never even cared about such things) the parties, were all Brandon, not her, but she went along with whatever made him happy because she truly loved him. It made me sad when I read the Citiscapes article about them because this wasn’t the Keri, it was what Brandon wanted to project. The money he so coveted was what proved to be their downfall, this was all he cared about, when it should have been paying attention to his adoring wife who truly loved him for what he was. Before the fall, all she wanted was to spend some time with him ….but he never thought she was important enough to waste time with. It really is sad to know he sold his soul…..for greed. It was always Keri’s wish to have her family together and he made this impossible, no matter what she did.


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