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Earlier this week, I wrote about the Arkansas Milk Stabilization Board, a scam an entity created by the Arkansas legislature in 2007 to seek out solutions to salvage the state’s dying dairy industry.

Agriculture Secretary Richard Bell is floating an idea for a “fee” (read: tax increase) to be levied by the state on milk wholesalers, with the proceeds going to the state’s 145 remaining dairy farmers. The board is considering taking Bell’s proposal to the legislature.

But Bell and the Arkansas Milk Stabilization Board may want to first study up on what’s going on in Puerto Rico, where it looks like they’ve got it figured out:

When Wal-Mart started selling milk for $1.46 per quart in Puerto Rico, state regulators sprang into action to put a stop to the low prices. It seems the state government sets a floor threshold for milk prices to protect the local milk industry, and Wal-Mart’s price was 36 cents too low. Damn you, Wal-Mart! Is there no end to your treachery?

Ah, but worry not—Wal-Mart was warned and will reportedly raise their prices to meet the regulatory standard.

So there you go, Richard Bell and the Arkansas Milk Stabilization Board: A new approach to sticking it to consumers on behalf of a narrow special interest that you may not have considered yet. You can read all about it in this AP story. Don’t say I didn’t do my part to help.

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6 thoughts on “Milking Consumers

  • Cancer-Cornea-ed College Crook from Conway

    I think they should give the proceeds of the fee to me.

  • Lu, you already have more than enough money.

  • Damn, Lu, you run a better hustle than even I did. Did you manage to wear out an airplane in the process? Ha! Thought not!

  • No offense but your blog is like a broken record. The evils of taxation and the glorious magical power of free markets. Just out of curiosity how would you go about setting milk price’s where there is a dairy left in the state. Besides you don’t have to go overseas to find president. Remember what the Supreme Court said about the poor little shop owner trying to sale milk for a nickel? How many houses does jukebox John own today?

  • My milkman skit was funnier than Ken could ever hope to be. See my link if you’re a pop culture maroon.

  • Eeek! If we don’t give the lobbyists everything they want and screw every consumer in the state, something horrible will happen: families will buy milk at a *lower* price from places like *Texas!*


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