Reed’s Out

Remember how last week we all went into a feeding frenzy over the entry of former Arkansas Farm Bureau chief Stanley Reed into the GOP primary for U.S. Senate? Remember? That was a real time, wasn’t it? Yeah, well, about that…never mind.


  1. Cameron Bluff says:

    Boy, David Sanders must really be happy about now…

  2. Lol. funny. If Sanders gets behind someone they always loose or now they drop out.


  3. I asked Stanley Reed why he dropped out. He said “I saw how much Ted Thomas and Keith Emis were going to charge me and I damn near had a heart attack!”

  4. In any cult, there is only room for one supreme leader. The void in the power vacuum is very large, too many holes to fill. So it is easily understandable to take a time-out and watch as many others bloody themselves to fill the gap. Stanley finalized realized brains are more important than money.

  5. Was looking forward to smoking out another fake-Conservative running for a spot in Washington, D.C and heaping huge amounts of scorn and derision on them for being a fraud. “Stanley” was nothing more than Blanche Lincoln without the bra and dress! And “Stanley” was also one of the top welfare “queens” of Arkansas with all of the millions of dollars of farm welfare he’s received. If “Stanley” was about to lose his farm, then that’s one thing as protecting America’s ability to always feed itself without having to rely on the importation of food and other critical agriculture products is indeed a vital national purpose. Just look at our sad reliance on foreign oil! But when you’ve got more money than you know what to do with and you’re stealing from taxpayers, well, you’re no better a person than the single mother who has 3 children with 3 different men and gets a whole bunch of welfare subsidies (food stamps, housing, school meals, etc.)!

  6. I am saddened by this development of Stanley Reed dropping out. He does have a medical issue and I do understand his position. I have known Mr. Stanley and his wonderful family for 17 years and live in the same town. He would have made an unusual senator because he would have been honest, ambitious, a stand up man, true Christian, and is highly intelligent. I have not seen a mixture like that in a senator since I was able to understand what politics was. Admittedly, I am not very old, but I have heard my parents talk politics and they agree with this statement. If he is able to return to politics someday, I will indeed vote for him. He would have made a big difference in the right direction. As far as this so called welfare you speak of, I am in the agri-industry, let me teach you something you are obviously quit ignorant about. I know first hand that those who make money off the farmers make far more money then the actual farmer. Without the America farmer not only would the backbone of America break, but so would a great amount of businesses and the many communities of America that depend on them. America is great due to farming and was establish by our forefathers due its fertile soils able to sustain our lives. Without our American farmers we would become just another third world country. Then who would the world turn to in their time of need?


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