A Stiff Drink: Greenberg, Kerr at Arkansas Tea Party

Here is a clip from last Saturday’s Tea Party, which was held in Little Rock’s Doubletree Hotel; it’s me and state Rep. Allen Kerr. A friend of mine came up to me after my talk and said: “Dan, that was the most interesting speech on federalism I have ever heard!” That is probably not a high bar, but I hope you enjoy it.

Video courtesy Kenneth Wallis of Little Rock Immigration Examiner. (Several other videos available at that link.)

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4 thoughts on “A Stiff Drink: Greenberg, Kerr at Arkansas Tea Party

  • Lane Woods


    “It is our god-given duty to question the government.”

    And how much questioning did you do during the previous eight years when the federal deficit was increased 72% ?

    How much questioning did you do when Medicare Part D was enacted 6 years ago which effectively put Medicare permanently in the red?

    I think I know the answer.


  • Henry

    Down with state-funded handouts, especially fire departments, the Interstate Highway System, and the University of Arkansas. Allen Kerr is right; they go to people who don’t deserve them. My house has never burned down, I travel everywhere by helicopter, and I went to private school.

  • You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

    What irks me are middle-class “conservatives” who can’t stand the thought of paying for health insurance for the poor and food for poor kids, but they’ll happily accept all sorts of government handouts paid for by the wealthy.

    If we’re going to have highways that are the envy of Europe (without which our economy would disappear), great, but let’s make them pay for themselves through tolls.

    My college and university paid for themselves by making their attendees pay for services rendered and by asking alums to pony-up. I didn’t get a tax credit from the Great State of Arkansas when my children elected to attend non-state schools.

    My house is equipped with a commercial fire suppression system (which my insurance agent recommended we install to save tens of thousands of dollars in insurance costs–as well as provide added peace of mind). Where is my tax break from the City of Little Rock for insuring myself at personal expense against the potential for a fire extinguished at public expense?

    I loathe taking the Interstate, and the government has made flying commercial the world’s biggest hassle, so I always fly privately to get around Arkansas. I’ve used the Interstate maybe once-per-month for as long as I can remember, and those ten-minute drives on I-630 to west Little Rock don’t come close to providing benefit equal to what I pay for them. Uncle Sam can mail me a check.


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