Pryor Attacks Religious Liberty

Hobby Lobby

Last week I wrote about Mark Pryor’s MIA stance on Senator Harry Reid's (and his fellow Senate Democrats’) bill -- the bill that would have essentially overridden the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision,which protectedreligious liberty rights for business owners. I asked his press secretary for a statement regarding his stance on the bill, but she never got back to me. To no one’s surprise, yesterday we found out that Pryor found another area of agreement with Reid on this issue. Pryor … [Read more...]

New DPA Motto: “Equal Pay For Thee, But Not For Me”?

DPA Equal Pay

Taking a page from President Obama’s playbook, the Democratic Party of Arkansas has made it clear that they’re interested in causing a stink about “equal pay” this election cycle. In January, DPA executive director Candace Martin wrote a letter blasting Congressman Tom Cotton and Senator Rand Paul just before Paul visited Arkansas. According to Martin, “Arkansans are fair minded people. When a woman is paid less than a man for doing the exact same job, it’s just not right.” An authorless post … [Read more...]

Breaking: Beebe Admin ‘Increasingly Concerned’ That Obamacare Critics Don’t Like Obamacare Expansion

Cozy with DeCample (1)

A new report at Forbes this morning reveals some troubling facts about how Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe’s staff is spending its time. In late May, Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample sent an email to Forbes editor Coates Bateman. DeCample was none-too-pleased with Forbes’s detailed coverage of the failures of Beebe’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion program. You remember: the program that’s been over budget every single month since its inception. According to DeCample, the Beebe administration is … [Read more...]

UA Chatted With Clinton Foundation About Free Beacon

Free Beacon Censorship (U of A Emblem)

The Washington Free Beacon published another story today about conversations between Clinton Foundation officials and University of Arkansas officials that occurred the day that the UA began taking action against the Free Beacon. The Free Beacon for months has been publishing stories that have irked Hillary Clinton supporters and flacks. From the Free Beacon today: University of Arkansas library administrators were in contact with Clinton Foundation officials the same day the university … [Read more...]

The A In ADC Doesn’t Stand For Artist

The public wasn't impressed with this photo.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) is giving a new meaning to the term “earned media.” When the ADC released a computer-enhanced photo of escaped murderer Timothy Buffington, reviews weren’t favorable. That’s because it looked like the ADC used Microsoft Paint to modify the photo. This weekend the ADC, with the assistance of the FBI, released a new round of picture predictions. Admittedly, these are better than the first pathetic attempt, but they’re still not exactly … [Read more...]

If You Do Nothing Else Today, Watch This Video

Freakshow (GenOpp)

A lot of Americans are genuinely worried about the future of health care under Obamacare. Will there be rationing of services? Will Americans get to choose their doctors? Will American health care devolve into a European-style system with long wait lines and greatly diminished quality of service? A new web video from the folks over at GenOpp may offer some insight: … [Read more...]

A Bad Week For Obamacare and Mark Pryor (Podcast)

This week on the show: POLL: Just 13% of Arkansas GOPers support Arkansas Obamacare AR blogger ignores the biggest news in this poll Davy Carter says a vote for Obamacare is a vote against Obamacare Obamacare PO architect loves conservative buzzwords GAO: $14.4 billion for Medicaid fraud last year Cotton camp responds to misleading storm ads Pryor camp dupes property owner into using land for attack ad … [Read more...]

Pryor Dodges Taking Stance on Dems’ Hobby Lobby Bill

Hobby Lobby

The bad week for Mark Pryor continues. Senator Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats in the Senate on Wednesday introduced a bill that would essentially override the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, which protected religious liberty rights for business owners. From the Washington Post: The Hobby Lobby v. Burwell decision, a 5-4 ruling by the high court last week, said that business owners with religious objections could exercise their right to not cover some kinds of contraception in … [Read more...]