No Sympathy For Wal-Mart’s Health Insurance Troubles

Walmart (No Sympathy for Joo!)

You may have heard the news earlier this week: Wal-Mart announced that it will soon do away with health insurance for approximately 30,000 of its part-time workers. From the AP: Wal-Mart told The Associated Press that starting Jan. 1, it will no longer offer health insurance to employees who work less than an average of 30 hours a week. The move affects 30,000 employees, or about 5 percent of Wal-Mart's total part-time workforce, but comes after the company already had scaled back the number … [Read more...]

Poll: Low Support for O’Care in Arkansas

Obamacare (Low AR Support)

A new poll out today from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) shows that despite some campaigns’ and officials’ ideas to the contrary, Obamacare is still a political loser in Arkansas for 2014. From FGA: Over 60 percent of likely voters in Arkansas say they are unlikely to support a candidate who supports ObamaCare in the upcoming election, meaning candidates who support or helped pass Arkansas’ Private Option Medicaid expansion have a target on their backs this November, … [Read more...]

Arkansas 49th in Labor Market Participation

49th in Labor Market

Employment figures released late last week contained a startling fact: labor force participation rates dropped to 62.7 percent, a 37-year low for the United States. This helps explain why unemployment is currently down to 5.9 percent. The unemployment rate only views those who are actively seeking work as officially “unemployed.” In other words, if you get fed up with looking for work and drop out of the labor force entirely, you aren’t considered unemployed by the folks who track … [Read more...]

Congressman Ross Cites Bogus Gender Pay Gap Stat

Mike Ross (Equal Pay)

Languishing in the polls, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross is now flailing about in choppy political waters. Currently, he’s struggling to grasp an imaginary “gender pay gap” flotation device to buoy his election hopes. From Talk Business: Mike Ross unveiled a “Fair Pay & Equal Opportunity Plan” Friday that he said was meant to correct disparities in pay between men and women. The plan would protect employees from retaliation for discussing wages with their co-workers and … [Read more...]

Larry Crane, Vote Suppressor


Perhaps you have read about the conflict between Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane and attorney general candidate Leslie Rutledge. As you’re probably aware, Crane is a Democrat and Rutledge is a Republican. I think Larry Crane has exhibited a large mistake in judgment; because of my opinion on that, I wanted to take measures to let him explain his side of things. I have done so, at length, immediately below; following that, I’ve also explained what I believe to be the rest of the … [Read more...]

Cato Doesn’t Want To Have Beebe’s Babies

Beebe (Grade D for Increasing Taxes)

A big chunk of the political class in Arkansas was chattering about the fawning profile of Gov. Mike Beebe in the New York Times yesterday. The article contained this, err, interesting nugget: “How is he regarded? As one female political operative here put it, “He talks like molasses, and I want to have his babies.” Well, okay then. Unfortunately for Beebe, yesterday the Cato Institute, that bastion of freedom and limited government, threw cold water on all those people in Arkansas that … [Read more...]

McLean Cuts Class

McLean Plays Hooky

Rep. James McLean, chair of the House Education Committee, has been skipping class. You’ll remember McLean from our reporting last month. He’s in a state Senate race against former House member Linda Collins-Smith, a conservative Republican. McLean is the inaugural member of the ever-growing Davy Carter wing of the Arkansas Democratic Party. In his endorsement, Carter said: At a minimum, to be a “great public servant” and someone “who works across party isles,” you have to show up … [Read more...]

Pearson Gets HB 1042 Exactly Wrong


It is election season, and therefore the season of curious political ads -- as well as patently false advertising. Today’s special comes from a recent postcard from Arkansas Democrats’ boy wonder, Tyler Pearson, who is fresh out of graduate school and running against incumbent state Sen. Jason Rapert. The Pearson campaign recently sent out a postcard criticizing Rapert’s vote supporting eminent domain by greedy oil companies, citing HB 1042. The postcard breathlessly explains: "Rapert's … [Read more...]