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You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Needed: A mercy killing

The perenially woebegone Oxford American magazine — which I noted earlier is experiencing financial difficulties that should be surprising to no one because it’s a goddamn literary magazine that for some reason is still being published in the 21st century and who the hell reads magazines any more anyway — has found an enabler angel.

An unnamed donor will pony up $100K to help  this absurdly anachronistic and unnecessary publication, which everyone talks about but I’m sure no one actually reads, to pay its tax liability and stay afloat for a little longer. What on earth is it going to take to put this sad little vanity project out of its misery? Seriously, it’s well past time to just let it go.

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7 thoughts on “You Gotta Be Kidding Me

  • Glad to see you’re only talking about the OA when there is good news.

  • Cameron Bluff

    I am amazed that Obama didn’t include OA/Sabin in his list of folks who should be given money for an inability to pay their bills. While it wasn’t exactly OA’s fault for what happened, neither was it the fault of the folks up in Clinton who had their houses blown away and then lost their jobs when the business went away and then couldn’t afford to rebuild.

    Funny, I never read in the Arkansas Blog any championing of their cause.

    By the way, if Adjustable Rate Mortgages are one of the major causes of the current home mortgage problem, then why doesn’t the government just declare all adjustable rate mortgages to be fixed rate mortgages at a certain prime plus rate and go from there? ARMs and their upward adjustment were talked about all the time as forcing lots of folks into foreclosure due to their monthly payments as much as doubling. Since interest rates are at historic lows, why not just convert ARMs to whatever the rate was when the homeowner financed it originally and could afford it and go from there.

    Unless, of course, the problem really is those folks couldn’t afford them in the first place and the mortgage lenders knew it but let them have mortgages anyway so that they would drive up profits in the short term and qualify for bonuses and trips to Vegas and Monte Carlo, etc.


  • David Kinkade

    You know, Cameron, I get the sneaking suspicion that you’d rather talk about something other than the Oxford American.

  • I kind of have a hard time taking the OA seriously. It is supposed to be a magazine of Southern literature, but it’s publisher is a Jewish guy from New York.

  • Cameron Bluff

    Admin? Admin? I don’t know no stinking Admin.

    As for the Oxford American, if its sinking would guarantee the disappearance of Warwick Sabin, let’s get it on.

    It is always amazing to me how many nose-picking, mouth-breathing, booger-eating morons (otherwise known as members of the Little Rock Press Corps) will do their damn best to tear down someone who accomplishes things, someone who is well recompensed for their efforts, even if it is in public service. Then they are the first in line to suck up to the public teat when the opportunity avails itself.

    When he was at ARTIMES, Warwick was nothing more than the Max Buttboy and occasional mouthpiece when Max was thankfully absent. As soon as he becomes the second choice for the job at UCA, that institution becomes the “can’t do no wrong” institution for old Sabin. Of course, he is smart enough to know not to bite the hand that feeds him, but sheesh. What hypocritical morons these guys are. Heck, the DemGaz, that institutional bastion of journalistic integrity, employed a guy who spent years reporting on issues political in a supposed non-partisan manner and then proceeds to head down the street to Dem Party HQ for his next, albeit short-lived, job.

    If the magazine can’t support itself, if people don’t care enough, why should we? If a person can’t pay their mortgage, why should we? If a person can’t pay for their own abortion, why should we?

    Now the Obama Transportation Department Storm Troopers are wanting to start taxing us on the basis of how far we drive, not on per gallon basis. They say this will be fair because people are being taxed on the amount of driving they are doing. People doing less driving (by mileage) will be taxed less, down to, I suppose, not at all.

    Fine, tax people getting abortions on their usage of abortion services and those of us who don’t use those services don’t need to pay the tax.

    Tax welfare recepients on the basis of how much welfare they use and not the rest of us.

    We are taxing the daylights out of smokers, supposedly because they cost us so much money in health-care related expenditures. So, let’s tax prisoners, or the families of prisioners, for their daily stays in prison because they cost us so much money in prison-related expenditures.

    Let’s tax the daylights out of single-parent families because of the additional costs they put on society for federal and state child-care (day care centers, Head Start, pre-K programs, etc.).

    Let’s tax drug-users based on their drug use. Let’s tax wind-bag congressmen on the basis of the minutes they talk.

    We could tax liberal talk show hosts on the basis of how long their programs are, but as unsuccessful as those programs are, there likely would be nothing to tax. I guess it is rather the same thing for wildly popular blogs…

    Let’s tax President Obama on arrogance.

    Let’s tax Max Brantley on stupidity.

    Let’s tax Speaker Nancy Pelosi on arrogant stupidity.

    Let’s tax Republican members of the Arkansas House on teh amount of laughing and heckling they do on the House floor.

    Let’s tax Democratic members of the Arkansas House and Senate on the sheer partisanship they exude.

    I know, none of these will work and they wasted a lot of your time in reading them. However, how is taxing someone by the mileage they drive is just as big of a waste. Actually, it will help me out. I drive a big old H1 Hummer most of the time. Go ahead and take off the tax per gallon. I won’t drive any less, but I promise you I will make out much better than my neighbor who drives a POS Element and gets about 12 more mpg. Actually, this has one other good point…my a-hole neighbor is a big liberal who loves everything coming out of DC these days. Roll up that in your funny little papers and smoke it.

    There Mr. Admin. I feel better. Now, please release David from where ever you have him stashed and let’s get back to the hot photos…

  • David Kinkade

    Goodness gracious, Cameron, that’s quite a rant there. As far as Mr. Sabin goes, I’ve always known him to be an upstanding fellow, and he’s probably doing about as well as can be done with the OA, but, lest we forget, it’s a micro-circulation glossy literary magazine and this is 2009.

    As for Mr. Admin, I’m happy to report that I sent him packing. He just wasn’t measuring up.

  • nemo

    Yay Cameron! You’re my new favorite hater.


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