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Tolbert on ‘Daily Debrief’ Thursday, Dec. 18

Tolbert: Up Close and Personal
Tolbert: Up Close and Personal

Local political blogger Jason Tolbert of The Tolbert Report will be on the KATV Choose Your News “Daily Debrief” this evening with Kristin Fisher. It’s a live webcast, so go here to watch and to e-mail your questions.

Hmm, how would I describe Tolbert to someone who’s never met him? Well, if the Arkansas blogging world were an episode of “Saved by the Bell,” he’d be “Screech.” So tune in to see Arkansas Screech get interviewed by Arkansas Kelly Kapowski at 6:15 p.m. this evening. It should be a blast.

I would be Zack Morris, naturally.

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12 thoughts on “Tolbert on ‘Daily Debrief’ Thursday, Dec. 18

  • Bill from Sheridan

    So is John Brummett Mr. Belding then?

  • Screech? I wish; that guy’s way cooler than me! So who is Slater? Blake Rutherford. Principal Belding? Max Brantley.

  • Didn’t Screech become a porn star?

  • LastChance

    Tolbert is a great guy, I wouldn’t compare him to Screech.

  • David Kinkade

    It wasn’t intended as an insult; it was intended as an…oh, no, wait, it WAS intended as an insult. Yeah, I was right the first time.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Every time I see that photo of Tolbert, I want to point out to him that print is NOT dead. In fact, the one that is dead is Paul.
    F. Lee Baily couldn’t prove it but I can.
    Turn me on, dead man.

  • Grizzly

    Fourche, your 45’s are supposed to spin the other direction. Better get that old player in for repairs.

  • I wish Kinkade would ask permission before he uses my photos, but whatever. Tolbert, I would have described you as the Bob Golic character from the college years. Nevertheless, you no doubt performed better than Kinkade.

  • Well, one thing it for sure, the Arkansas blogging crew (myself included) has spent way too much time watching Saved by the Bell.

  • That’s hardcore, dropping a “College Years” reference. Respect.


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