Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 18

Trammel and Beebe: My way or the highway.
Trammel and Beebe: My way or the highway.

Rainbow’s End: State faces pinch on highway funding. Why, it’s gotten so bad that Gov. Mike Beebe recently warned highway commissioner Dick Trammel that they might have to tap his secret pot of gold. (AP)

Big Ross Man:
Columnist David Sanders has warm words of appreciation for Democratic Rep. Mike Ross for standing up to House Dems on health care reform. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Con Air: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is under fire for using state prison plane to fly to events where he’s the guest speaker. In a related story, how disappointed would you be to have to attend any event where Dustin McDaniel was the keynote speaker? (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Pandemic: New case of swine flu diagnosed in Saline Co. on Friday, and this time we really really really mean it. So never mind all those other times, NOW is the time to panic. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Senatorial: A talk with GOP Rep. Jonathan Dismang about his possible run for Arkansas Senate. (Arkansas Leader)

Ars Poetica: Read Mike Huckabee‘s poetic ode to Nancy Pelosi, and weep. (Politico)

According to Doyle: Now there’s Arkansas GOP chair Doyle Webb, rilin’ up the gays. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

No Retreat: In which John Brummett and I find ourselves in agreement: Staff retreats are perhaps the worst invention of the modern workplace management industry. Nothing good ever came out of a damn retreat. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 18

  • C’mon David. A bloggers’ retreat might be just the ticket for gettin’ the old crusty newspaper coots and you young whipper-snapper bloggers together. I’m picturing you with your arms stretched out, standing behind Brummett while Blake says “John, just fall back. You can trust David.” Meanwhile, Tolbert and John Anderson are conducting a valiant, yet doomed to fail, panty raid at the girls’ dorm, where Freeman Hunt and Valerie Biendara were prepared, ironically for Anderson, with conceal and carry permits.

    God Almighty, I beseech you. Please let there be an Arkansas Bloggers’ Retreat.

  • SouthArkie

    It’s sort of sad to see Brummett trying to stay relevant in a 24 hour news cycle… he always seems about 3 days behind in his columns…I wonder when he gets laid on the chopping block at the Gray Lady…at least Max, Tolbert and “my favorite” Kinkade will always be around with a fresh story…


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