Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 29

Subsidized: Democratic Rep. Marion Berry wants you to know that he does not receive farm subsidies. Except when he does. With damning video! (K. Ryan James blog)

The Candidate: GOP Rep. Allen Kerr, the scourge of Arkansas government double-dippers, for Arkansas governor? OK, sure, why not? (Arkansas Times)

Niche Man, Poor Man: Media maven Lance Turner likes this here idea of “nichepapers” as the future of journalism. (Me Lance Turner, You Blog)

Some things never go out of style.
Some things never go out of style.

Sherman’s March: Here’s something else in the (not really interesting any more) Tina Sherman nude photo case, which I’m really only throwing up here so I can use that photo yet again. Yay! I win! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Kids Stuff: Study says Arkansas ranks 47th in nation in “children’s well-being,” but experts believe that ranking will shoot up to mid-30s following conviction of pervy evangelist Tony Alamo. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Spot o’ Tea: Latest Roby Brock polling: Do Arkansans support Tea Party message of limited government and fiscal restraint? Answer: Uh, somewhat, insofar as they know what the hell you’re talking about. (Political Buzz)

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3 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 29

  • Fourche River Rex

    A few points:
    Two things on the tea party story. 11% views them strongly unfavorably. That 11% is you actual liberal base in Arkansas. The other 40% that has no opinion or doesn’t know are the voters that put Beebe, et al in office. No shit, when I’ve been working in campaigns, etc., I’ve had people ask if my candidate was the Democrat because that was who they were voting for. They had no idea who the candidates were, but, by God, they were going to vote for the Democrat.
    I don’t want to sound like I’m damning my fellow Arkies, because most of them are too busy trying to make a living. But boy is it hard getting past the prejudices of that 40% to show them why voting like Daddy did isn’t in their best interest. Okay, I’ll stop my bellyaching.

    On Tina Sherman; the best line in the story is, “His wife had previously sent nude pictures of herself to his cell phone for his own use, according to the complaint.”

    “For his own use?” Why not just say, “So he can masturbate to them,” because that’s what everyone thinks when they read that.

  • AKA Bryce

    Hey who are you voting for Governor?
    -Mike Beebe!

    Really? So you’re pro choice?
    -O no! I have been a member of the ______Baptist church for 30 years. I sing in the choir and sit on the front row every time the door is open.

    Interesting. Mike Beebe refused to say if he was pro-life or pro-choice I a recent interview and stated he “Didn’t like those terms”.

    How do you feel about gay marriage?
    -My bible says homosexuals are an abomination!

    Really? The Democratic party just removed the language from their state constitution that stated marriage was between one man and one woman.

    So why are you voting for Mike Beebe?
    -Because I am a Democrat just like my Daddy and just like my Granddaddy before him!

    Thank you……have a nice day.

  • Rex, shame on you. “Masturbation” isn’t the only possible interpretation for why he might need those photos “for his own use.” For example, perhaps he is a sculptor, and he needs the nude photos as a reference point because he’s sculpting a nude statue of his wife. Which he then intends to use for masturbation.


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