Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 8

Big Time: Why, it rather appears that The Arkansas Project has been named one of the state’s top three political blogs, along with the Arkansas Times blog and Blake’s Think Tank, by Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza. How very nifty. (The Fix)

Bankers Hours: Little Rock investment banking titan Warren Stephens is featured in a Wall Street Journal interview, because he is a much, much richer than you. (Wall Street Journal)

Poll Smoking: Senate 2010 Watchers! Highly scientific online poll from Arkansas News Bureau says Sen. Blanche Lincoln will win with 58 percent of the vote. Thus it is written. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Gymboree: A high school gym under construction in Texarkana collapses. Ha ha ha! It’s just like in “The Money Pit.” (AP)

Speaking of The Money Pit: Uh, something something something about the state budget. God, where’s Jason Tolbert with his Flip camera when we need him? (AP)

Duh Mayor: Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney faces his second arrest for drunken driving and marijuana possession in less than a year, officially making him the hardest partying mayor in the state. You know who else parties hard? Your mom. I’m all like, “Whoa, slow down, Shirley! That keg’s gotta last all night!”  (Harrison Daily Times)

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12 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 8

  • Crash Davis

    Hoozah and kudos to you.
    While it listed the blogs that had an affiliation with a paper, the list didn’t indicate what blogs were being operated by journalism refugees such as yourself.
    It would be interesting to see a breakdown, because it seems that the very best blogs all seem to lead back to journalists, or the recovering variety.

  • David Kinkade

    Hmm, do you think so, Crash? I’ve always thought that the better blogs were characterized by the fact that they were run by people working outside established publishing routes. (Most blogs linked to official newspaper and magazine sites, with a few exceptions, leave me kind of cold.) Some of those may be journalists or recovering journalists, but I’m not sure that’s a necessary credential. Interesting question to ponder, though.

    And thanks for the congrats. Blake and I compared notes on it and we’ve decided that it’s a testament to the sad state of the Arkansas blogosphere that we should be included. Somebody should really work on that.

  • DumbArkie

    Re: “Big Time:”

    All this time I thought EITHER I was the only one reading these blogs OR that I was but a mere figment of your imagination to make it look like people were paying attention.

    Yay, I’m real!!!

  • Fourche River Rex

    1. I’m moving to Berryville!
    2. Poll Smoking? Did we increase tax that too? Has that been outlawed on campus? Ohhh…there are many Harding students that are going to be upset. I give my word to stop at thrid!
    3. Speaking of the state budget…not much has been said about the Governor’s support of budget money being removed from the Local Police and Fire Pension fund and being transferred to the State Police. Many local cops and firemen are upset because they lose a cost of living increase. At least that’s what I understand. Is this true, Dan Greenberg?

  • Congratulations Arkansas Project. All due respect to everyone involved, but David– your sarcasm and wit bring a much needed tone of self-deprecation to the political blogosphere, where it is not typically present. I should also mention that you occasionally make me laugh out loud.

  • FromFayetteville

    What Carol said. Good job!

  • Congrats David! Narrowly edging out Rett is quite an accomplishment.

  • Well, congrats and all.

    Im still waiting on my payment for spending the last
    2 weeks spamming Cillizza via email promoting you guys.

    You were right, if I pestered him enough, he would give in.

    Now drop my brown paper sack of money (donuts) off at the pre determined location. David, you promised!

  • Cameron Bluff

    Personally, I just read the blog for the photos. However, Ms. Bluff thinks David is funny for some reason. Actually, that is not a bad thing because when she peeks over my shoulder and I have one of those “photos” on display, I simply tell her I read the blog for the stories, not to look…Congrats David. It really is an excellent blog and compendium of events and persons Arkansas. L’audace, L’audace, toujours L’audace.

  • David Kinkade

    Oh, about those donuts, Br549…I went to pick ’em up but, well, they didn’t make it. I did drop some sprinkles on the dashboard of my car, however, and you’re welcome to come sweep those up.

    Cameron, Ms. Bluff has exquisite taste, her inexplicable fondness for you notwithstanding.


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