Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 28

Generation of Swine: Eeeyyaaaaaggghh, SWINE FLU! IT WILL KILL US ALL!! Except it’s apparently not in Arkansas. YET! YOU MAY ALREADY BE DEAD BY THE END OF THIS SENTENCE!!!!! (Arkansas News Bureau)

Gaydar: If you signed the petition to get gay adoption ban on the ballot in 2008, get ready to hear about it from all your gay friends. (Arkansas Times)

Frosh Pit IV: Here’s freshman Democrat Rep. Darrin Williams chattin’ it up with the Capsearch kids’ A/V squad. (Capsearch)

Listmania: Little Rock is either one of the nation’s “Most Livably Dangerous Cities,” or perhaps one of our “Most Dangerously Livable Cities,” take your pick. (Arkansas Business)

Card Checkmate: Good round-up of Democratic lobbyists’ efforts to kill union-backed card check legislation. (Facing South)

The Way Forward?: Web-based Fort Smith news provider City Wire partners up with KFSM-TV for political and business news. The wave of the future? (City Wire)

Defender of the Realm: All hail Blake Rutherford, defender of the blogs! Huzzah! (The Tolbert Report)

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One thought on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 28

  • Bill's cousin

    This database of right-thinking people may be used in primaries, but not in the way its purveyors hope. This is Arkansas. What about the missing names, especially of those who will be running in contested state legislative primaries within conservative districts? Hmm?


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