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Sanders: Rough Weather Ahead for Gov?

In an open letter to Gov. Mike Beebe, columnist David Sanders cues off Beebe’s thus far easy ride as governor to ask if the road ahead will be more challenging.

One potential obstacle: The Governor’s Commission on Global Warming, which is going to return a set of recommendations that Beebe’s business constituency will almost certainly find objectionable. Sanders writes:

There is a good chance that you’ll not be able to play both sides of many issues in the not-so-distant future. Plunging state revenues, thanks to the economic slowdown, will undoubtedly require you to make decisions that carry political consequences. I know you’ll have one test.

Your so-called commission on global warming, which bears your name, wants to tell Arkansans what kind of car or truck they can drive, while raising taxes and spending billions of dollars trying to curb green house gases. You’ll have to shut that down, which will anger your party’s growing left wing.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette took Beebe to task for his avoidance of staking out positions on controversial issues here.

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2 thoughts on “Sanders: Rough Weather Ahead for Gov?

  • AKA Bryce

    Sanders is dreaming. The press in Arkansas will never hold a Democrat governor to the fire. Look at what they are letting McDaniel get away with now. Look at what Beebe has been getting away with his whole career. Look at Marion Berry and the crap he pulls. Look at what Clinton got away with while he was AG and Governor. They were always trying to make up a scandal for Huckabee (most of which he deserved) but they will never go after a democrat in Arkansas.

  • Frank A. Rosebud

    It appears Mr. Sanders is doing what no one else will do. Bryce, perhaps you should elaborate more, I, for one, would love to hear about Gen. McDaniel’s efforts.


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