Saline Co. Dog Fighting Ring Busted

John Lyon at the Politics in Arkansas blog reports that the atrociously named Patryk Janiszewski will face 30 days jail time, a $1,000 fine and probation for running a dog fighting ring in Saline County:

Saline County sheriff’s deputies, veterinarians and employees of the United States and Pulaski County humane societies seized 27 pit bull terriers, many with wounds described as consistent with dog bites, from Janiszewski’s property on Gingerbread Lane in rural Saline County in January. Authorities said they also seized pit bull remains, equipment to train dogs for fighting, veterinary supplies and drugs to treat injured animals, as well as collapsible pits, dog-fighting instruction manuals and computer files pertaining to dog fighting.

It’s a tough business, there’s no doubt about it. I used to run a dog fighting ring out of my garage, but Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) made me stop because she didn’t think it was right for the dogs. Whatever. I’m telling you, those Pomeranians are damn fierce when they’re riled.

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