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Pryor On Supreme Court Nominees: No ‘Ideologues,’ Please

The AP’s Andrew Demillo reports that Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor hopes President Obama doesn’t send any of those ideologues over to the Senate for confirmation when it comes time to nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace outgoing justice David Souter:

“I do think that first and foremost what you want is a really good lawyer, someone who really respects the Constitution and respects the American legal tradition in the best sense of the word and someone who will be very fair and impartial,” Pryor, D-Ark., told reporters on a conference call. “Personally, I do not want to see an ideologue or someone who comes in with a big agenda.”

Earlier this week, Arkansas Project guest contributor Cory Cox took a look at Sen. Blanche Lincoln, up for re-election in 2010, and pondered the question of “What Will Lincoln Do?” (WWLD) on Supreme Court nominations.

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3 thoughts on “Pryor On Supreme Court Nominees: No ‘Ideologues,’ Please

  • Cameron Bluff

    Sure, he “hopes” President Obama doesn’t send over any ideologues, but that doesn’t mean he won’t toe the line, do exactly what he is told to do, and vote for Obama’s candidate regardless of whomever or whatever they are.

  • Since Souter and Judiciary Chairman Leahy have admitted to both knowing about Souter’s expected retirement for more than a year, this comment from Pryor comes as no surprise.

    The pick has already been made. The WH is sitting on it to make its friends and enemies think that they have influence – or that their voice is being heard. After sufficient time, the pick will be made public and rushed through so that opposition has no time to form.

    At lease Marky Mark’s comment isn’t blatant political posturing (/s off).

  • Apparently, the “gay and lesbian” crowd wants Obambi to appoint an “openly gay or lesbian” to the Supreme Court … apparently to replace the closeted one who is leaving.


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