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Pawlenty Rallies Republicans in Little Rock

Yes, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota was in Little Rock last night as the keynote speaker at the Republican of Party of Arkansas’ big annual fundraising dinner. If you didn’t hear much about it, fear not, as very little news broke out.

AP reporter Andrew Demillo asked Pawlenty about South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and his spicy affair, to which Pawlenty offered a fairly pat response. Blogger Jason Tolbert got video, naturally.

(Tolbert notes that he and I attended the media availability session prior to the dinner, but he gives me too much credit. It was really more like Jason was attending the media availability and I happened to stroll by on my way to the cash bar and noticed it kicking off, so I lingered around for a bit.)

But Pawlenty gave a nice little pep rally speech to the crowd, which probably numbered around 400 people. Having attended last year’s event, I’m pretty sure that this year’s crowd was quite a bit larger, which was a reassuring sign.

A lot of potential candidates in the crowd, including most of the U.S. Senate hopefuls (I think—I really can’t keep track of them anymore) and lots of state legislative hopefuls. First District congressional candidate Rick Crawford got to be the hero of the evening when he swung down to Memphis on his way to Little Rock to collect Pawlenty at the airport, after the governor’s flight was delayed.

So attendance was fairly solid, though I always have trouble understanding why the Arkansas GOP insists on charging so much money for these things. $125 a ticket? That’s steep. Why not slash the ticket prices, putting the costs in the reach of more people, and maybe packing the room for a show of strength and getting more people involved in the cause? Surely I’m not the first person to ask this.

Beats me. But then I’m probably the wrong guy to ask, since I didn’t pay for my ticket anyway and was only there because I managed to scam a freebie off Greenberg.

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5 thoughts on “Pawlenty Rallies Republicans in Little Rock

  • Fourche River Rex

    I was in attendence as well. I was watching you from afar, Kinkade. You were flirting with a married woman, you were. I saw you, you’re little black eyes darting around at the girls in the room, undressing them in your mind. Your black curly hair giving you way for the retrobate you are. Any person with curly hair cannot be trusted. But you are to be forgiven, after all you are a known Scotsman and the Scots are known as a race of morally questionable persons. The Scots are little less than cavemen and you, sir, are the worst of their type. Though this provides and excuse for your horrible manners and morals, it does not mean you can be trusted.
    A few times I thought I might have to draw my rapier in order to protect the honor of the women in the room, but thanks to good fortune, I did not have to.
    Just remember, Kinkade, you scotch bastard whelp, I’m always watching you and you’re wee beady eyes. I am wise to your game.

  • Elizabeth

    Goodness Fourche. Seems someone partook in a wee bit too much Scotch. Calm thee down Irishman! Kinkade cannot help himself. His wit and charm can become irresistable to many a proper lady.

  • David Kinkade

    Hey, Rex, guess what I learned today? Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) takes your comments very, very, very seriously. That was a fun conversation.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Wow? Really? The APG believed I had a rapier and was going to run you through?
    Tell her I have a bridge for sale.

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