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Max Brantley, Dancing As Fast As He Can

Over at the Arkansas Times blog, Max Brantley notes:

The gun crowd has gone berserk in Tennessee because The Commercial Appeal in Memphis has posted on-line the names of all holders of concealed weapon permits in the state. It’s a public record. The list in Arkansas is public record, too. Care to see it?

Max’s glee in communicating public information wasn’t in evidence a week or two ago, when my bill to make the criminal records of public officials available to the public came before the House Judiciary Committee. At that point, Max said that that bill “simply has an aura of meanness.” (Of course, he’s hardly the only person who didn’t like the idea; the bill got voted down by the House Friday.)

What drives Max’s shifting moods on the freedom of public information? Is it just a matter of what he had for breakfast that day?

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9 thoughts on “Max Brantley, Dancing As Fast As He Can

  • Max Brantley is a googly-eyed chicken shit that doesn’t give a damn for good government. Max is for the government getting ever larger and taxing more of what you earn. If allowing the people to have more insight into how their government functions will further his goals than he is for it. If not allowing the people to look into their govenment is against his goals he’s against it.

  • Cameron Bluff

    Yeah, what Bill from Sheridan said.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Doesn’t FOI require that certain sensative information be redacted? Would home addresses not be included in this? Would ASP not have a responsibility to redact all such information before passing it on to the Times? Could the Times not be civilly liable for dessminating personal information? Could there be a lawsuit against the ASP and the Times if the NRA or any other well funded organization took note that personal information was made public?

  • David Kinkade

    Perhaps one of our legal-eagle readers knows more about that, Rex, but I’d be mightily surprised if home addresses were excluded as sensitive or personal information.

  • Joe Michael P

    We all know Max has one eye. It must be his left since that is the only side he ever sees…

  • Remember, Max rhymes with tax. He’s never met one he didn’t like…

  • Letalis Maximus, Esq.

    So start publishing the names, addresses, phone numbers, and other private yet public information relating to Max and his employers.

  • MsIndependent

    Available from the phone book:

    [Heh. MsIndependent found Max Brantley’s home address and number and posted it here. Point is well taken. I doubt Max would care that much one way or another, but I don’t publish people’s personal info here, period. So I’m taking it down from this site. The address is readily available elsewhere, and you’re all welcome to publish it on your own real estate. — David Kinkade,]

  • Rich Cosgrove

    Y’all please leave poor Max Brantley alone. What’s the point in hounding him. After all, as my grandpa used to say: “obtuseness is its own protection against punishment or improvement.”


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