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Lincoln Challenge in 2010?

Tonight, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (right) joins Angela Lansbury on a very special Murder, She Wrote.
Tonight, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (right) teams up with Angela Lansbury on a very special "Murder, She Wrote."

Noted: Over at the Griffin Room blog, GOP operative/former U.S. Attorney/Renaissance man Tim Griffin lets loose with a brief, intriguing teaser regarding U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln’s re-election campaign in two years:

“So far, I know of two Arkansans considering a run against Blanche….I promise she will have a more formidable opponent in 2010 than she faced in 2004.”

What does the hyper-connected Griffin know that we don’t know? Ooooh, do tell!

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11 thoughts on “Lincoln Challenge in 2010?

  • “What does the hyper-connected Griffin know that we don’t know? ”

    Not as much as he thinks he does on this one, if he means a Republican opponent. They can’t find quality people to even keep all the seats they hold now much less go after incumbents, and Bush has ruined the brand for years to come.

  • Newsflash, Mark hates Republicans. Well, he hates Republicans not named Jim Holt. Go back to the fever swamps where you hang out. Quit trying to ruin a good blog with your rants.

  • David Kinkade

    You’re wrong on two counts. First, Mark is welcome to comment here regardless of his opinions on the GOP.

    Second, this has never been a good blog.

  • C,mon guys we can all agree at least that anyone would be better than Blanche Lincoln, the farm subsidy queen.

    Is she still taking those in a maiden name in D.C.?


  • Thanks David. I don’t hate you!

    I’d also like to point out that Ron Paul is a Republican, and I worked hard for him. Clicky on the name if you don’t believe it. In that address to the UCA College Republicans I show why this goes “beyond left and right”. I support people who believe in liberty, regardless of party.

  • Rowdy Repub

    Here are my guesses: Tom Cotton, Bud Cummins, Dan Greenberg, Lu Hardin, David Sanders, Tim Griffin or Mike Huckabee.

  • LawDog

    Seriously, Rowdy??

    Tom Who?? Dan the Man? David the Columnist? Bud the Stud?

    Lu and Tim might stay on sabbatical for a bit longer.

    Let Big Mike enjoy his Saturday nights.

    Would love to see Warren S. step up to the plate and not at his new ballpark. He would be a formidable candidate for Ms. Blanche.

  • I know of two strong possible U.S. Senate Republican candidates for 2010. It is a matter of opinion whether I would be a strong candidate for that office, but it is a matter of fact that I won’t be running for it!

  • Jim Lendall

    Since the Republicans can’t seem to find candidates to run even on the district level and no candidates (without tin-foil hats) for governor in 2010, I think it’s more likely that bad-boy elections trickster Griffin must mean that Blanche has a couple of Green Party challengers.

  • AKA Bryce

    Jim Lendall! Now here is a guy who I disagree with on almost every political position (and personal grooming standard) known to man, but it’s good to see him on this blog. Jim you got guts….welcome aboard and good to see you. Hope you come around more often.

    P.S. No I am not just jealous because I can’t seem to grow more than a couple of patches of facial hair.

  • David Kinkade

    Agreed, Bryce. We’re happy to welcome Mr. Lendall to The Arkansas Project family, though I get the feeling it may be a family connection he isn’t looking for.


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