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Killer’s Computer Focus of Gwatney Investigation

The AP’s Andrew Demillo updates on the investigation into the still-mysterious shooting of Arkansas Democratic Party chair Bill Gwatney, who was killed by a gunman in his office on August 13.

The focus of the investigation has now turned to the killer’s computer after earlier clues came up dry, investigators say. The killer, Timothy Johnson of Searcy, was shot by police the day of the shooting after a chase that led into Grant County, and his motive in the Gwatney murder remains elusive.

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One thought on “Killer’s Computer Focus of Gwatney Investigation

  • Fourche River Rex

    Mmmmm….the only thing we learned new out of this is that someone not living on the Pine Ridge Rez thought it was a good idea to name their child American Horse.
    I wish the police would figure this one out. It was so senseless that answers would be comforting.


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