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Illegal Immigration: An Issue on the Wane?

An activist calling for stronger measures to fight illegal immigration in Arkansas holds a town hall meeting in Benton County on Monday. Fifteen people show up, and two walk out.

The petition drive the activist is pushing to restrict state services for illegal immigrants failed to land enough signatures for consideration on the ballot in November.

Is it the message or the messenger? Is it time to consider that illegal immigration, as a red hot vote-moving political issue, simply is not the wildfire issue that advocates want it to be?

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2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration: An Issue on the Wane?

  • AKA Bryce

    I have come to the sad conclusion that there are really not any hot button political issues in Arkansas anymore. We have a pro choice governor (although he does not like those terms) who worked (behind the scenes) to help homosexuals adopt and foster children in state care. A wack job pro gambling Lt. Governor and an Attorney General who is in favor of gay marriage. All of our state wide public official publically support President Obama a man who has nothing in common with Arkansas voters.

    I think the people of Arkansas are conservative people who do not support the homosexual agenda and are pro- life but they refuse to vote for and elect individuals who think and believe like they do. And why? “Because my grandfather was a democrat and my daddy was a democrat and I am a democrat too!” All that really matters to a majority of Arkansas voter is what letter is besides a candidate’s name. (R) or (D). Ronald Regan once said that people get the type of politicians they deserve. I guess he was right on that one as well. If there is not a major scandal or a great national political climate a Republican is wasting their time running for a state wide office.

  • Hog Fan

    The time frame of the ballot initiative had a lot to do with the shortfall in signatures. It got a pretty good number of signatures considering that and the shoestring budget.

    It does appear to have waned a bit, though.


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