Huckabee on ‘The View’: ‘You’re Our Favorite Republican’

Mike Huckabee was on “The View” today, which gives me an excuse to see my beloved Elisabeth Hasselbeck. And it was a lovefest, believe you me, with even that atrocious harpy Joy Behar telling Huck, “You’re our favorite Republican.” Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg called on Huck to defend the Arkansas ban on foster parenting by unmarried and gay couples. And then Elisabeth announced that everyone in the audience would receive a free copy of Huckabee’s new book, “Do the Right Thing.”

Man, that must have been exciting. I wish I could have been there in the studio audience today. Then I could come home and put my copy of “Do the Right Thing” on the book shelf. And while I’m at it, I could put my manhood right there on the shelf, too, because if I were in the studio audience for “The View,” I obviously wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

Courtesy of Jason Tolbert at The Tolbert Report, here’s the video:

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2 thoughts on “Huckabee on ‘The View’: ‘You’re Our Favorite Republican’

  • Maybe he is the guy.

  • Hmmm...

    Not that I’m just this judgmental (maybe I am), but doesn’t it appear he’s gained quite a few pounds?


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