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How Will Presidential Race Affect Arkansas Races?

Is this an association Democratic candidates in Arkansas want?

Over at Blake’s Think Tank, my Democratic leaning counterpart Blake Rutherford picks up on a discussion we had last week on “Unconventional Wisdom” (I’ll quit mentioning that now) about the potential for GOP pick-ups in the state legislature. Rob Moritz at the Arkansas News Bureau explores the same question in a story today.

Arkansas Republicans look poised to pick up at least a few seats in the House. While that would not change the complexion of the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature dramatically, it would certainly be a morale-builder for state Republicans—particularly should it happen in a year when Democrats nationwide appear to have the wind at their back.

As Blake points out, John McCain’s double-digit lead in Arkansas could be helpful to Republicans. The flip side of that observation raises a question: Is it possible that Barack Obama could be a drag for Democratic candidates down the ballot in Arkansas? If you’re Democratic Rep. Steve Breedlove in District 67, do you really want your signs sitting next to Obama-Biden signs, as in the photo above?

While John Brummett points out that the state’s Congressional folks and constitutional officers are getting behind Obama, one doesn’t see a lot of Democratic House candidates rushing to throw their arms around the senator from Illinois, does one?

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2 thoughts on “How Will Presidential Race Affect Arkansas Races?

  • White County Boy

    Recently in White County, the 4 candidates for State Rep in districts 49 and 50 spoke before the Searcy Chamber.

    During the lunch the audience asked questions and someone asked who each of them supported for President.

    Keith Williams, Democrat running in District 49, was the first to answer. He said he supported Obama. Jonathan Dismang, Republican in Dist 49, proudly supported John McCain.

  • Larisia

    according to reports steve breedlove is upset because his district is not pleased with obama and anytime a obama sign shows up near his, suddenly it is gone again….and he has started putting mccain signs near his….even though he supports obama….he is just too much of a coward to admit it….and his buddy beebe is out stomping the grounds for ole obama…..come to think of it maybe breedlove is just not sure who he supports, i mean when it comes to the issues he says one thing and then another….his comments in the paper he is quoted as saying one thing and then on tv he says another…. him and obama are a match made in heaven, say one thing and then say another say what ever it takes to get elected.


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