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High on Cotton

Bill (not pictured: Sheridan)
Bill (not pictured: Sheridan)

Dedicated Arkansas Project reader Bill from Sheridan (that’s him there at the left) sends this note that Arkansas native Tom Cotton is getting some attention over at the Powerline blog.

Cotton, who I think hails from Pope County hails from Yell County, was the Harvard-educated lawyer who resigned his job with a D.C. law firm after 9/11 to enlist in the military. He enjoyed some national renown earlier in 2006 when he publicly took the New York Times to task for disclosing compromising information about a secret government program to disrupt terrorist financing.

Cotton had returned to Arkansas to practice law after his last tour of duty, but has since withdrawn his resignation and re-upped for service in Afghanistan. The Powerline blog has the scoop.

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5 thoughts on “High on Cotton

  • Brett

    I thought he was from Yell County.

  • Daniel

    Dardanelle, to be exact.

  • David Kinkade

    Brett and Daniel,
    I’m assuming you all are correct and have updated the item accordingly. Thanks.

  • OH YEAH!!! I’m famous now. I’m glad you got a good picture of me. Thanks for posting on my dear friend Tom.

  • And why can’t you find him in the database of lawyers in the United States. He is not a member of the Arkansas Bar. Also Harvard shows he attended, but does not have a law degree.


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