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Arkansans on The Palin Factor, Part 1

Kind of quiet on the news front so far this morning, so let’s take a look at what is apparently The Only Political Story That Matters anymore, the Sarah Palin for VP pick, through the eyes of some of our Arkansas friends.

I’m going to break this into two posts, first focusing on the old media guys and then looking later today at the blogger response:

Pat Lynch writes in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that Palin “brings strength to the ticket, but her presence raises questions that even regular folks will notice between now and Election Day.” He also attempts to suggest that the Palin pick somehow will put more red states in play, which strikes me as unlikely.

David Sanders at the Arkansas News Bureau laments the fierce attacks launched against Palin and her family, but believes that her speech at the GOP convention on Sept. 3 proved her to be a “masterful” political performer. Me, I say bring on more attacks against Palin—they only seem to be helping, so far.

Kane Webb in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette imagines a conversation about Palin between two British blokes, for some reason, but uses it as an occasion to float the question, are we seeing the rise of an American Margaret Thatcher?

John Brummett, while ruminating about conservative columnist Peggy Noonan’s thoughts about Palin (I know, this gets confusing), ponders the question of what effect Palin will have in energizing Democrats: “Republicans can win if they make this race about a distrust or fear of Barack Obama. Palin threatens to divert attention from that objective by giving people something on the other side to fret about – that being what they’ll get if something happens to McCain.”

And lots of Republicans are cheering a USA Today poll released this morning showing a 10 point lead among likely voters for McCain/Palin, but I caution against getting too excited just yet, as much of that is a post-convention bounce combined with the novelty of Palin. Be cheered, but don’t get cocky.

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