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Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Hits a New Low!

Palin: Quick, get this woman to Arkansas so I dont look like an idiot!
Palin: Quick, get this woman to Arkansas so I don't look like an idiot!

In a story today on the opening of Barack Obama’s state office in North Little Rock, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette tips a hat to the Arkansas Project’s “Rumor Mongering” item from Tuesday about a possible Natural State touchdown by GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin:

Obama last visited Arkansas during Gov. Mike Beebe’s 2006 campaign.

Meanwhile, McCain has visited twice this year alone, primarily for fundraisers. And a conservative blog on Tuesday suggested that state Republicans are preparing for a visit by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate.

“First report I heard was ‘in October,’” David Kinkade, former spokesman for Beebe’s Republican opponent, wrote on The Arkansas Project Web site. “But date is thus far indeterminate.”

The blog acknowledged it was engaging in “rumor mongering.”

Is this what it’s come to, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette? Reporting on rumors being spread by a third-rate state political blog? O tempora! O mores!

Oh, well. At the very least, we can use this as a test case for the Arkansas Project’s reliability. If Palin never makes it to Arkansas, bad news for me. If she shows up, I shall bask in triumphalism knowing that I have achieved “credibility.”

No, I’m just kidding. I know this blog doesn’t have any credibility. Frankly, I have no idea why you keep reading it.

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5 thoughts on “Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Hits a New Low!

  • AKA Bryce

    The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has a gay problem.

  • Hey, at least they spelled your name right. Of course, us insignificant political bloggers could never scope a major creditable news source like the Demo-zette who has never once reported a fact wrong or jumped the gun on a story.

    For what it is worth, this blogger has heard the same thing involving a Gov. Palin Arkansas appearance and possible involving some sort of duck hunt.

  • John

    I keep reading it because I was told there’d be cake! Where’s my damn cake?!

  • Kinkade has credibility? When did this happen? Haven’t you people seen the uncut savages that he eats lunch with?

  • I think they were talking about you guys on KUAR news last night, reading the Palin-to-Arkansas story and citing, again, rumors on blogs. They didn’t mention you by name, though.


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