One thought on “Ark. GOP to McCain: Choose Life

  • I could not agree more. The Pro-life issue is the most important issue to me and choosing a Pro-Abortion VP would be a very tough pill to swallow.

    Gov. Huckabee actually wrote about this issue on his HuckPAC blog today.

    “This (Right to Life) is an important issue. It’s why we can’t trust Obama with America’s future because he’s not even sure which Americans are worth saving and which ones aren’t. And it’s why that for many of us, McCain’s selection of a running mate really does matter. Because John McCain clearly is pro life, I will support and vote for him because Obama is not an option for me as a pro life person. I will be disappointed if McCain doesn’t pick a true pro life person and realize that should that happen, he will lose many of the very people who supported me. I cannot expect all of you to vote for McCain if he chooses someone whose record isn’t pro life. It will be a less than perfect decision for all of us—our only real choices are McCain and Obama; one will protect life and one won’t. Some will argue for a 3rd party candidate and I respect that, but in political realities, that is essentially a vote for Obama and I can’t go there.”


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