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An Arkansas Project reader, knowing of my fondness for all issues related to the Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming (ARGOCOGLOWARM), sends along this link to an American Spectator piece on the global warming debate in Arkansas from the pen of Paul Chesser. He’s the director of Climate Strategies Watch, which keeps an eye on these shifty global warming commissions.

Chesser details how, when trying to place an op-ed questioning the ARGOCOGLOWARM’s processes in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, he was told by editorial page editor Ed Gray that the paper preferred to publish pieces from “someone from Arkansas writing about Arkansas subjects.”

But some months later, when UALR economist and ARGOCOGLOWARM member Richard Ford attempted to publish a separate article questioning the ARGOCOGLOWARM methodology, Ford was also given the brush-off. Read the whole thing for all the inside scoop, which includes hosannas to Arkansas’ own ARGOCOGLOWARM skeptic David Sanders.

P.S. Ford published his piece in the January 2009 issue of the Arkansas Electric Cooperatives magazine, which was republished on The Arkansas Project last week.

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