Here Is A New Blogger At The Arkansas Project!

Nic "Without the K" HortonHey, guys! Here is some Arkansas Project news just for you: We’re adding a new blogger to the mix over here, and his name is Nic Horton. You may already know Nic from the Arkansas Patriot blog, where he covers political and government issues in the environs of Searcy and White County. (His Twitter feed is over here, if that’s your thing.)

Aside from political blogging, Nic’s hobbies include maintaining his goatee and retardedly omitting the “k” from the end of “Nick” so that you always have to check to make sure you’re spelling it right. What a jackass. Anyway, he is going to be blogging on state issues here, because he said it is his lifelong dream to be associated with the worst political blog in Arkansas.

I may still pop in from time to time and weigh in on things, to be neighborly and such. In the meantime, welcome young Nic to the fold. Huzzah!


  1. Simplemente Conservador says:

    Man, what a difficult gig you have undertaken Nic(k). Post something on this blog every two or three weeks and whine about how hard you are having to work. Perhaps you should follow the TAP protocol and simply go out and hire a blogger to blog for you ala Dan Greenberg writing for Kinkade. And beware of anything posted by Fourche River Rex. He is clearly a bitter old gay guy who eats squirrel for breakfast every morning.

    • David Kinkade says:

      Conservador, that entire comment is just a catalog of lies, with the exception of your assessment of my work ethic, which is piercing in its accuracy.

  2. Simplemente Conservador says:

    Ah, a witty rejoinder.


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