Government Office Building’s Solar Array Is A Half-Million Dollar Metaphor For Failure

Solar panels and pipe dreams

Is there a more perfect metaphor for the dead-end pipe-dream thinking of "green jobs" spending than the solar panel array, purchased with $550,000 of federal economic stimulus funds, outside the renovated Dillards building on West Capitol?* What was once a corporate headquarters has been repurposed as an environmentally friendly office building for state agencies.The building opened  in 2010, and touted with great fanfare as a monument to green construction and 21st century efficiency. But … [Read more...]

More Stimulus Snafus: Arkansas Green Jobs Training Program a Bust! (Updated!)

The vanity of human wishes

We've been conducting an ongoing exploration of how economic stimulus funds from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ("Booooo! Hisssssss!"—Me) have been spent in Arkansas, based on the most recent report from the state Recovery office. What we've seen thus far has not presented a strong case for the efficacy of stimulus measures. For instance, on Tuesday we looked at the shortcomings of U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) stimulus funding, which DOE's own inspector general declared to be … [Read more...]

Now They Tell Us: Stimulus Energy Programs’ Performance ‘Less Than Optimal’! (Updated!)

Arkansas green jobs word cloud

Yesterday we looked in on how Arkansas has fared in spending economic stimulus funds awarded under the 2009 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. That whole exercise in futility is in the process of winding down, as the numbers show: The state has now spent some $2.9 billion of its $3.2 billion stimulus allotment. As we've noted, all those millions and billions have failed to move the needle on the state's unemployment rate, which is actually higher now than when the ARRA was enacted in … [Read more...]