Young Cons Rapping On ‘Huckabee’ Is Worst Thing Ever

You kids with your “rap” and “hip hop” music. Please know that this musical form has officially died. Here, let’s watch:

What you are now thinking: “Wow, I never thought I’d say this, but I kinda wish David would go back to talking about the future of the Tea Party movement right about now.” (via GOP12 blog)

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8 thoughts on “Young Cons Rapping On ‘Huckabee’ Is Worst Thing Ever

  • Yep, its pretty dire. Who do they think they are impressing or going to convince of anything?

  • LOL. That was awesomely white.

    From an article titled “Put Down that Wonder Bread”

    “Wonder Bread and other soft, smooth white breads get their soft, smooth texture from refined wheat flour. Refined wheat flour has had the natural wheat fiber removed from it. This makes a bread that tastes good to you, but that no longer gives you all the nutritional benefits of natural wheat.”

    David, just put down the Wonder Bread, man.

  • all I can say is wow! White and Nerdy keeps playing through my head now. I bet they get some college course credit for that.

  • They are definately playas.

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  • Dun Dadda

    WOW. so white. so not right. That embarassed me. Really did


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