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You Should Go Look at the!

Let us celebrate and rejoice, for it is a signal day in the Arkansas blogosphere, with the launch of a new joint venture from Arkansas media magnate Roby Brock, conservative blogger Jason Tolbert and Democratic person Michael Cook.

It is called the (previously and promises one-stop shopping for all your Arkansas political news needs. This site has everything: News! Analysis! Issues! Tolbert!

Oooh, here’s a taste!:

“Healthy and civil debate”? By George, that absolutely sounds like a party you do not want to miss! Everyone, let’s head to the!

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3 thoughts on “You Should Go Look at the!

  • Sentido Conservador

    Why didn’t they just call it the ThreeDemsBlog and be done with it. Surely Tolbert isn’t still claiming to be a conservative. He really needs to get over it.

  • Jason Tolbert

    Enlighten me – oh brave anonymous commenter – what exactly do I need “to get over” and why am I no longer a conservative? Jason Tolbert

  • It’s probably the dark rimmed glasses. Get some hideous Tom Coburn specs stat. Also you need more shock headlines, a willingness to criticize only Democratic mistakes, and a much uglier blog. That should do it. Bravery is overrated, cowardly anonymity rules.


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