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Who’s Up for Some Coon?

Don’t forget that the 66th Annual Coon Supper is tonight (Friday) in Gillett, as Steve Harrelson’s Under the Dome blog reminds us.

If you’re new here, you should know that the Coon Supper is an annual political hazing ritual community gathering in which a bunch of Arkansas Democrats get together to eat greasy rodent meat while bowing down before their Sun God, Gov. Mike Beebe. You can read more on the history of this iconic event here.

I’ve never eaten coon, but frequent Arkansas Project commenter Br549 has, and he tells me that it has a distinctly rich and savory flavor. “You just can’t beat that Arkansas County coon tang,” he’s always saying.

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4 thoughts on “Who’s Up for Some Coon?

  • I could’ve went without the coon tang imagery.

  • Hey David, I think I saw one on the road on my way in from Saline Co this morning. You want to get the posse together for some Coon in my backyard tonight? It is probably what we are having tonight anyway and there is always more than enough to go around.


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