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Which Arkansas Lawmaker Is Poised for Party Switch? (Updated!)

Blogger and Arkansas House Majority Leader Steve Harrelson teases a potential development that will increase the majority he leads: He says to look for an Arkansas state legislator to shift into the Democratic column on Friday.

Any ideas on who it could be?

UPDATE: Early speculation seems to be swirling around lonely Green Party legislator Richard Carroll, and invaluable Arkansas Project commenter nlr2009 reminds us of Carroll’s frustrated attempts to join the Arkansas Black Legislative Caucus, which spurned his membership advances, thus providing us with one of the comic highlights of the otherwise very sad 2009 legislative session.

UPDATE II: It’s Carroll. Well, that was fun. Now what?

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4 thoughts on “Which Arkansas Lawmaker Is Poised for Party Switch? (Updated!)

  • It is probably Carroll, the Green Party guy

  • The most likely legislator would be Richard Carroll from the Green Party.

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Maybe Tim Summers is going back to his real party.

  • nlr2009

    Wow. If Carroll switches it will have such a huge impact on AR Politics. Just think of the power the Dems will now be able to wield with this new piece of kryptonite. He voted most with Bubba Powers and Harrelson during session. Just imagine what he will do as a Dem. However, I do hope this goes better than his attempt to join the Black Caucus.


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