What’s Team Obama’s ‘Big News’ for Arkansas?

On Saturday, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign opened an Arkansas office—a pointless move, given that the state’s six electoral votes will go to John McCain, but I suppose as a Republican I’m pleased to see Obama throwing away at least a few thousand dollars of his massive campaign bankroll in a place where it won’t matter.

The Arkansas News Bureau’s Jeremy Peppas was on hand for the event, which seems to have consisted of lots of state Democrats making an unconvincing case for Obama’s chances in Arkansas (e.g., Dem chair David Pryor promising that “Hurricane Obama” is about to hit Arkansas).

But deeper down in the story, Peppas teases us with this: Obama’s state honcho Toni Kendall “told the crowd that ‘big news’ was coming, possibly as early as Monday, but she declined to elaborate.” What is this big news? Will the Big Man be on the ground in Arkansas to rally Dems? Maybe a Joe Biden sighting? I’m all a-tingle with anticipation!

In related news, Tim Griffin over at The Griffin Room blog is laying down his prediction for election day: He forecasts a big win for the GOP with McCain/Palin taking Arkansas by 13 points, vastly improving on George W. Bush’s 2000 and 2004 performances.

And an interesting aside from Steve Harrelson at the Under the Dome blog: An informal poll of steelworkers union members in his area reveals that 30 percent intend to vote for Obama/Biden—the rest intend to vote for McCain/Palin. One objection, a union official tells Harrelson: “they say they just can’t vote for a Muslim.”

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