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“Welcome Home, Huckabee” Fundraiser, Aug. 11

The Republican Party of Arkansas is pitching a “Welcome Home, Gov. Huckabee” fundraiser on August 11 at the Clear Channel Metroplex—and pitching hard, as I’ve now received in the last two weeks a mailed invitation to my home as well as two three follow-up e-mails from party workers. A couple of observations:

Oh, goody, hes bringing his band.
Oh, goody, he's bringing his band.

Tickets for the event are 50 bucks. That’s good—one of the annoying things about recent Republican events in Arkansas is that they’ve been priced way out of the range of most grassroots types. Not as many people are willing—or able— to pay $125 or $250 for a banquet dinner as party fundraisers sometimes think.

The e-mail invitations I’ve received explicitly note that the money raised from the event will stay in Arkansas. That’s good, after the John McCain fundraiser in Little Rock in April, the proceeds of which were sent to Colorado, Wisconsin and other states. There was a good deal of grumbling about that in GOP circles, with some justification.

And Huckabee’s involvement is absolutely a plus, in spite of the fact that he’s bringing his band.

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One thought on ““Welcome Home, Huckabee” Fundraiser, Aug. 11

  • I agree. I am excited about this affordable event and I am looking forward to bringing my family to this event. I think my four year son will really enjoy the band, so am glad he is bringing them!


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