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Watch Unconventional Wisdom on a Tiny Little Screen!

So, as has been well-documented on this blog, there is no love for David Sanders’ award-winning public affairs program “Unconventional Wisdom” at AETN, where they pre-empted this month’s show to air some Steve Barnes horrorfest.

But fear not! You can still view this month’s installment of “Unconventional Wisdom” featuring Mike Masterson, Lance Turner, Zack Stovall and me, so long as you like watching it on a tiny 6 by 2 inch screen on your computer. Oh, and as long as you don’t mind the fact that it cuts off at 28 minutes right in the middle of Sanders’ sentence, further evidence of the low regard that AETN has for this program. (UPDATE: Hey, it’s fixed! You can now enjoy the show in its entirety)

But enough of all that. I’m getting ready to click over to the AETN site, because I couldn’t get the video to embed here. Won’t you join me to watch?

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5 thoughts on “Watch Unconventional Wisdom on a Tiny Little Screen!

  • Best show yet. Too bad no one will ever see it.

    I tested the player’s “Embed…” command, and it worked okay here.

  • Fourche River Rex

    What struck me the most is how much more handsome Sanders is than Kinkade. Sanders has a flawless complection, a nice wardrobe and flowing hair. Kinkade has none of those things. I mean, Kinkade isn’t bad looking, but in comparison to Sanders, he looks like a large pimpled ass.
    No, Kinkade, you should thank your stars that this was not broadcast.

  • David Kinkade

    I would not disagree with you on that account, Rex. However, in my defense, I’ve only claimed to be the most handsome BLOGGER in Arkansas — a claim I believe holds some water. I mean, look at these guys….

  • Fourche River Rex

    That’s true.

  • michaelk

    The issue of who is the most handsome is probably impossible to determine…but David was definitely the best dressed. Nice tie! Who on earth told Sanders that a pin striped suit with a purple-striped tie works? I conducted a scientific poll with a very large sample and both of us agree that he was the best dressed.

    More interesting to me was the comment “The David Gergen of Arkansas politics.” I’m not sure – is this a compliment or insult in Arkansas? 🙂


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