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Video: Beebe on the Budget

Blogger Jason Tolbert was at the “Clean and Green Annual Symposium” at the Little Rock Hilton today, for some reason, and he grabbed some video of Gov. Mike Beebe talking about the state budget proposal he’ll be releasing Thursday.

If you see a guy carrying one of these, run.
If you see a guy carrying one of these, run.

Why Tolbert was attending the “Clean and Green Annual Symposium” is an unfathomable mystery to me, and why he carries a video camera around with him everywhere he goes is equally inexplicable. Either this guy is the most dedicated blogger on earth or Mike Beebe needs to look into a restraining order, because my experience is that dudes who hang around hotel lobbies with handheld video cameras at the ready do not have your best interests at heart.

Anyway, I suppose I could just embed the video here, as if it were my own, like I usually do, but that’s kind of uncool, so instead, I’ll send you over to The Tolbert Report to watch the full production.

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One thought on “Video: Beebe on the Budget

  • To clarify the record, the symposium was just down the street from my office and I went and grabbed the video on my lunch break. I don’t make it a habit to hang out in hotel lobbies with a video camera. Although now that you mention, it might be not be a bad idea for getting some interesting video of some of our politicians, but perhaps a little bit too TMZ for my blog.


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