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UA Arkansas Poll: McCain Up Big in Arkansas

Poor Arkansas. With no serious Senate or Congressional races this year, we’re like the state that politics forgot, in what should be one of the most exciting political years in a long time.

And it’s looking dull on the presidential ticket as well. The University of Arkansas’ annual Arkansas poll was released today, showing John McCain with a 13 point lead over Barack Obama in the Natural State. The Politics in Arkansas blog summarizes some of the findings.

Polling on the presidential race has been hard to come by the last few weeks, so this is the first solid number we’ve seen in a while to indicate that Arkansas remains a lock for McCain. It’s a bright spot for Republicans.

The poll results also suggests that Arkansans are excited as hell about a state lottery, while the ban on foster parenting for unmarried cohabiting couples is looking like it may fall short. Full results over here for all you numbers geeks.

Meanwhile, a separate Arkansas Project poll released today shows that 65 percent of poll respondents think my fresh new haircut makes me look “devilishly handsome,” while the remaining 35 percent think it makes me look “a little like George Clooney in ‘Out of Sight,’ only more chiseled and roguish.” Ah, Arkansas…the people do indeed rule.

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