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‘Two Cheers for the Arkansas GOP’

That’s the title of my latest piece up over at, the new (and growing) site for Arkansas legislative tracking and government research. My column’s a look at some of the good news that came out of Election ’08 for Arkansas Republicans, which I wrote to prove that I can say something nice every so often when I want to. And you didn’t believe it!

Of course, the focus now is shifting to 2010, and we’ve already started looking ahead here at The Arkansas Project. If you missed it, look back to yesterday’s post on the 2010 Senate race between Senator Blanche Lincoln and a fantasy Republican who has not yet revealed him or herself, and may or may not exist. Commenters Br549, Bill from Sheridan and others argue out the possibilities.

Incidentally, Matt Price and Katie Bodenhammer over at CapSearch also are running a blog at the site with a focus on state legislative doings. That’s my way of telling you that I’m not going to be recounting every organizational step in the House and Senate that takes place over the next few weeks, so I’ll refer you to them if you need to follow every step of the process.

Also, Steve Harrelson at the Under the Dome blog offers a good source for information on how things are shaping up heading into the 2009 legislative session. And I may weigh in on these matters from time to time, when the mood strikes.

Blogging may be a bit sporadic the next day or so as I focus on some other duties. We’ll see.

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