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Turn On Your Radio (Updated!)

A quick reminder here that several of us Arkansas blogosphere Merry Pranksters will be taking to the radio airwaves from 9 to noon this morning in Little Rock. Zip on over to The Buzz 103.7 to hear Blake Rutherford, Lance Turner, me and AN ALL-STAR PANEL OF GUESTS do our thing. Will Blake Twitter needlessly throughout the proceedings? Almost certainly. Will Dave inadvertently rack up big FCC fines for The Buzz with his filthy mouth? Very possibly.

A Twittering DumbArkie is mighty excited, God love ‘im.

UPDATE: Well, that’s over. We had a lot of fun and almost certainly will not be invited back, since Blake did everything he could to offend and outrage The Buzz’s listenership, which contains on Sunday mornings a surprisingly large number of people who really, really adore pop sensation/domestic abuse victim Rihanna and won’t stand for anyone talking trash about her, as Blake did.

So if you were working up a whole Rihanna/Chris Brown riff for your nascent stand-up act in an attempt the mine the comic possibilities of that whole sordid deal, let me just go ahead and save you some time and tell you that it will die. No one wants to hear that.

Oh, and Lance has a few photos for your scrapbook. And Arkansas Project pals DumbArkie and the ARCCABlog, taking a couple of hours off from manning the ramparts in defense of your Second Amendment rights, you ingrate, twittered madly throughout.

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5 thoughts on “Turn On Your Radio (Updated!)

  • David, I’m sorry I couldn’t call in. Your mother began to feel guilty about what she did to me last night so she up and went to Church on me this morning. She took the cell phone and I just can’t stand to pay long distance so I didn’t call in. I did listen though, son. I’m real proud of you.

  • DumbArkie

    Wow what a show! I have an exclusive in-studio picture of David, Blake, and Lance @

    Oh, I was truly shocked and disgusted by Blake’s outright (would hatred be the right word?) for Rihanna. But I wasn’t surprised that he cusses around ThinkTankMom.

  • That picture … it’s like you were there!

  • Ha, Ha, “Blake hates Rihanna,” he might as well have said that “she deserves it, the stupid cow,” the way listeners reacted.
    Hilarious how that stuff gets warped out of context. But I am willing to keep it going!
    You rock Blake!

  • Blake Rutherford

    Yeah, the comment’s been taken a little out of context. That said I should watched that pitch sail by. Thanks to RJ for bringing it up and to all of you for keeping it going. Bust on Blake Day 2 continues . . .


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