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Tom Cox Talks to Central Arkansas Young Republicans (Updated!)

Here’s your Arkansas Political Fun Fact for Thursday:

If you laid every Arkansas Republican who says he’s running for Senate in 2010 end-to-end, they’d reach from here to the Missouri border…and back!

And you can see one of the multitudinous potential challengers today in Little Rock, when businessman and (now former) Arkansas Tea Party organizer Tom Cox (here’s his campaign website) visits with the Central Arkansas Young Republicans at Loca Luna. That kicks off at noon, and it’ll set you back 12 bucks.

Or, if your mean ogre of a boss won’t let you get away for lunch, you can just approximate the experience by watching the following video of Cox repeatedly at your desk whilst you consume your sad little microwaved Lean Cuisine plate and a diet soda. How I pity you:

UPDATE: If this video left you thirsting for more, then you should head over to The Tolbert Report for a four-minute exclusive video interview with Cox.

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6 thoughts on “Tom Cox Talks to Central Arkansas Young Republicans (Updated!)

  • DumbArkie

    I too am considering a bid for Senator Blanche Lincoln’s senatorial seat. I formed an exploratory committee which did some polling of registered Arkansas voters and came up with the following:

    When asked what they thought about DumbArkie running against Senator Lincoln:

    * 57% said “I didn’t know Senator Pryor could do that!”
    * 33% said “I didn’t know Senator Lincloln could do that!”
    * 9% said “That depends. Is he from Arkansas?”
    * 1% said “We’re all sinners. Repent now!”

    When asked if they thought DumbArkie would bring the right change to Washington:

    * 47% asked “Does he have one of those little coin changer thingies on his belt?”
    * 35% said “Only if he had enough left over in the pants he wore yesterday.”
    * 17% said “I didn’t know he wore Depends®.”
    * 1% said “We’re all sinners. Repent now!”

    When asked if they thought DumbArkie would be more in touch with his constituents than Senator Lincoln:

    * 43% said “I heard he’s been in touch with his feminine side. So, yeah probly(sic).”
    * 42% said “I thought Senator Lincoln was married.”
    * 14% said “He better not touch my constituents!”
    * 1% said “We’re all si…I’m sorry what was the question?”

  • That video pretty much sums up Tom Cox. He seems like a nice man but he’s got no idea how to run for U.S. Senate. Cox isn’t going to get too far on his current course.

    I went to hear Cox today at the YR luncheon. He said he could relate to farmers in the Delta because he is a manufacturer and manufacturers create things out of raw materials. Seriously, he said that. He also admitted that he is not a member of the NRA and that he isn’t a hunter. He did, however, say that his company manufactures john boats for duck hunting so he was sure that he’d be able to get all the hunters in the state to vote for him.

    Mr. Cox, you seem like a nice man and a pretty sharp businessman. Please do yourself and your family a favor and don’t continue this run. It is pointless and it will take away from time you could dedicate to more productive activities.

  • So your point is you have to be a from a farm background or a hunter in order to be elected as a conservative in this state? Aren’t those the criteria we’ve used to select all our craptastic candidates before? Oh yeah, I forgot about the former pastor and religious nutjob contingents. When will the madness of trying the same losing candidate type over and over stop. I admit Cox does not overly excite me personally, but it is only because I don’t think he brings much to the table. I wish we had a fiscal and social conservative with a healthcare background that would be willing to run. That would bring something to this race.

  • I don’t care if someone is a hunter or not. I, also, do not care if someone has ever farmed. However, many important constituent groups in this state do care about those issues. Blanche Lincoln has never driven a picker and harvested cotton. She has never seen the inside in a duck blind or killed any ducks, except when the media is watching. But, she panders on those issuse because she knows they are important to swing voters.

    The problem with Cox is that he doesn’t know what he needs to do to win this race. He seems great as a person, but he is clearly in over his head.

  • Authentic Frontier Gibberish

    At least he is a conservative that, thus far, I can respect. He is speaking of fiscal issues, not pandering for the religious vote. He hasn’t gone the good ol’ Arkansas “God, Gays, and Guns” route- yet.

    But that video, ugh. If only there were a political media adviser available…

  • Being a new politician, for the first time, is a Huge Plus to me.

    He is not new at being the President of groups, however. Pushing agenda’s with success.

    Tom Cox has my Support and Vote. Check him out, Really!! Go for it, he is a fine husband and father, businessman and also a good friend to many.

    Starting a new campaign take tons of money, he’s working his way up. Starting with a shoestring budget now and working his way up to the Top Hat.


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